Presenting our exceptional evening gown, a true work of art inspired by the captivating map of Iran and embellished with the enchanting Eslimi pattern, embodying the timeless beauty and rich heritage of Persian culture. This breathtaking gown, named “Iran Dokht”, is available in two captivating colors: Gold and Persian Blue. Its high-neck cut-out design, meticulously tailored from luxurious satin fabric, exudes an aura of sophistication and allure.

At the core of this gown lies a meticulously crafted map of Iran, delicately placed on the front left of the skirt, where the hip gracefully rests. The map, meticulously sewn using pristine white satin fabric, stands as a radiant tribute to our ancient land. Enhanced with the exquisite Eslimi pattern, delicately embroidered in gold, turquoise, and mid-tone green, it becomes a visual celebration of Persian artistry at its zenith.

The intricate Eslimi pattern gracing the map of Iran is a true testament to our cultural heritage. Originating in Iran during an era of artistic splendor, Eslimi patterns have become an iconic symbol of Persian design. Their captivating curvilinear motifs, interlacing designs, and geometric intricacies encapsulate the harmony, grace, and elegance deeply embedded in Persian art.

By meticulously integrating the Eslimi pattern into our gown, we pay homage to the extraordinary craftsmanship that has defined Persian culture for centuries. Each delicate stitch stands as a tribute to the unwavering artistry and dedication of our skilled artisans, who have preserved and perfected these intricate patterns through generations.

The choice of colors in our evening gown carries profound significance. The radiant gold hue embodies the preciousness and opulence synonymous with our ancient land, reflecting the prosperity and regal heritage that have adorned Persian culture throughout history. The captivating Persian Blue, reminiscent of the serene beauty found in Persian art, architecture, and natural landscapes, transports you to the azure skies and shimmering waters of Iran, establishing a harmonious connection between the gown and the essence of our heritage.

As you step into the spotlight adorned in this extraordinary gown, you become a living canvas, elegantly showcasing the grandeur and cultural richness of our Persian heritage. It stands as a testament to the vision of Kohan Diar, a fashion house passionately dedicated to preserving and reinterpreting the timeless elegance of our ancient land.

With each graceful stride, you celebrate our shared journey through the annals of Persian history. “Iran Dokht” acts as a bridge, gracefully connecting the past with the present, intertwining the rich tapestry of tradition with the fluidity of contemporary style. It represents the strength, grace, and allure of the modern woman, firmly rooted in the profound depth of Persian artistry.

Let this gown be your statement, an exquisite fusion of heritage and fashion, where the intricate Eslimi pattern weaves tales of ancient artistry, and the meticulously crafted map of Iran symbolizes your profound connection to the land. Together, we honor the legacy of Kohan Diar, celebrating the enduring allure of Persian fashion and the eternal beauty of our ancient land. The name “Iran Dokht,” translated


2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14

Main Body

100% Polyester Satin


100% Bemberg Rayon

Embroidery Detail

100% Cotton DMC Thread

Care Instructions

Care for your dresses by gently hand washing them in cold water, separately from other garments. Avoid bleach and harsh chemicals. Hang to dry or lay flat. Iron on low heat if needed, and store in a cool, dry place to maintain their beauty


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